Mattress Size Guide

The ultimate guide to choosing the best mattress size for you.

      3 by 6                               3.5 by 6      
      4 by 6                               4.5 by 6      
      5 by 6                               6 by 6      

What is the best mattress size for you? It’s a question that every mattress shopper wrestles with but that’s about to change. Here’s a quick mattress size guide to fast track your buying process and have you dreaming on the perfect snooze zone in no time.

Moko Mattress Sizes

Dimensions in feetDimensions in inchesDimensions in centimetres
3 by 636 x 7291.44 x 182.88
3.5 by 642 x 72106.68 x 182.88
4 by 648 x 72121.92 x 182.88
4.5 by 654 x 72137.16 x 182.88
5 by 660 x 72152.4 x 182.88
6 by 672 x 72182.88 x 182.88

Measuring your Mattress: A Fun Hack

Sadly, conventional mattress dimensions can get quite confusing. But not anymore. Throw out the boring rulers and tape measures because we have a fun Moko hack to beat the confusion straight out of your bedroom.

Did you know that the longer side of an A4 paper (e.g. a foolscap or most printing papers) is exactly 1 foot?

This means that a 4 by 6 mattress is 4 foolscaps wide and 6 foolscaps long.

And what’s the difference between a 6-inch and 8-inch mattress?

All Moko mattress sizes come in two thicknesses: the 6-inch and the larger 8-inch. Both mattresses are highly comfortable and they only differ in thickness. The 8-inch comes with extra foam for dreamers that like a raised mattress. It also comes in handy if you have a slightly raised bed frame sideboard and you’d like your mattress to rise above it.

We have another easy Moko hack to help you figure out the difference between the two mattress thicknesses. Since the width of an ID card is two inches, the 6-inch mattress measures 3 ID cards while the 8-inch mattress measures 4 ID cards, as illustrated in the image below.

The next time you go mattress shopping, use these dreamy hacks to avoid guessing the size of your mattress or even worse, buying the wrong mattress size.

What’s the Best Mattress Size For You?

Behold, a guide to help you choose the perfect snooze zone for the best naps.

3 by 6 / 3.5 by 6 mattress

The 3 by 6 and 3.5 by 6 are best suited for 1 dreamer and are popular with toddlers, children and high school teens. Small as they may seem, these two are a great source of vitamin zzZZ, a playground and even a study area for your young ones.

4 by 6 / 4.5 by 6 mattress
The 4 by 6 mattress and it’s slightly bigger cousin, the 4.5 by 6, are excellent for single adults in college or those who are just starting out life. These two will squeeze perfectly into any space and have really seen it all: cozy bedsitters, college hostels, normal size bedrooms and guest bedrooms too.

5 by 6 mattress

The 5 by 6 mattress is a popular sleep haven for couples living in normal size bedrooms. When a new born baby comes along, it warmly welcomes and nurtures him/her until it’s time to move out of mommy and daddy’s bedroom.
6 by 6 mattress
Since it can accommodate up to 4 people, the 6 by 6 is the perfect snuggle solution for you, your partner and kids. Family snuggle time has never been sweeter! This mattress fits nicely in your spacious bedroom and showers your home with warmth, cozy nip naps and family fun times.