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Premium comfort at pocket-friendly prices 


 Welcome to Moko, Dreamers

At Moko we immerse ourselves in your world to figure out what your dream home looks like. From these insights, we design cutting-edge products - from mattresses to sofas - that combine beautiful designs with pocket-friendly prices to create the warm, inviting spaces that you can be proud and happy to call home.


Designing A New World with You

Welcome to the future of comfort and design! Our sofas are everything you could wish for and more. How do we know that? Because they were inspired and designed by people like you! That’s right— customers are at the heart of our sofa design, just as they are with everything we do at Moko. We went into people’s homes, listened to their ideas, and used those experiences to create the ultimate comfy-beyond-your-dreams sofa that satisfies the needs and wants of our customers. We came, we saw, we designed!


Dream On

Who doesn’t dream of a better night’s sleep? With Moko mattresses, that dream becomes reality. You don’t have to break the bank or compromise on quality to get the blissful rest you need and deserve. Using feedback from people just like you, we worked hard to create a mattress that is the ultimate in design and comfort—at an affordable price.


How Moko Works


What Other dreamers say about us

Our team

Moko is a young company bursting with passion, innovation, dedication, and go-getter attitude. Everyone in the Moko family is on a fierce mission to give you a better, brighter, more comfortable lifestyle that changes the way you experience your everyday home. We’re innovators, problem solvers and dreamers. We challenge one another to dream bigger. We constantly work on new ways to improve and solve the real-world problems we hear from people like you. Our work is never done. We’ll never stop imagining, innovating, learning and evolving—and people and their homes will always be at the core of it all.