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Our Values

Here at Moko, we INSPIRE…

Infinity: We’re on a quest, a “spaceship to infinity,” to make ourselves, and everything that we do, better.
No Nonsense: We know the only way to get better is to be honest with each other and ourselves. We value open, direct communication and transparency.
Supportive: You’ve heard there’s no “I” in team, right? We know that there is strength in unity so we stick together to achieve our goals.
Passion: Great achievements are always fueled by great passion. Our success is founded in the deep passion we have for accomplishing our goals.
Initiative: We take charge, and make things happen. We know how to get results. We don’t wait to be told; we do what we gotta do to get the results we need.
Real: We’re the real deal. Our customers are our #1 priority and we never do anything that isn’t in our customers’ best interests.
Enthusiasm: We love happy customers! It’s our mission to create a world of smiles—one sofa and mattress at a time.

Joining The Dream Team

Here’s what to expect as we answer the question – is it a match made in heaven?

We do things differently at Moko, and that includes hiring! Our hiring process goes beyond just your experience, we use evaluations to dig deeper and help us understand how you approach your work. It's a fun little courtship.

After applying, our process will help you learn more about Moko, meet some of your future colleagues and understand how you can help revolutionize living one home at a time. So bring on your passion, bring on your talent and bring on your dreams!


The Courtship

Step 1: Getting Acquainted

We’ll ask you to tell us a bit about your experiences and help us understand how you solve problems – all done online. Let’s see if there’s an initial spark.

Step 2: The First (Virtual) Date

The magic of a first date without the hassle or nerves! We’ll ask you to answer a few questions in an initial interview that’s done virtually – giving you time to think through and answer questions on your own terms.

Step 3: Meet the Family

Things are getting serious. You’ll connect live with the leader of the team you’ll be joining. They will take you through final assessments customized to the position, including an opportunity to meet some of your future colleagues.

Step 4: The Proposal ♥

We think it’s true love... would you do us the honor of joining our team? We’ll agree on the final details and clearly spell out what success in the role looks like before you make a final decision.
The depth of this process is our secret sauce in building a great workplace. A courtship is a time investment on both sides – the reward is the chance of joining a team where all of your colleagues have been chosen with such care.

Meet a Recent Hire

Edwin is one of Moko’s Marketing Officers and our 211th hire! Here’s what he has to say about our hiring process today:

“I did really appreciate Moko’s hiring process as I found it to be genuine and engaging. I actually do a different job than what I applied for, based on the talent my manager saw in me while I was going through the process.

Coming to work is something I actually enjoy, because I’m doing something that I'm passionate about and I’m surrounded by great people. My advice - give your best and be patient.”



Use this application to be considered for any position below. Our online hiring system ensures a fair and fun application process for everyone!


Use this application to apply for a General Worker role, working on our factory or warehouse floor. Different form, same fair and fun process!

Organize and run our business to business sales

Share our brand with the world

Brand Ambassador / Moko Specialist

Retail / Customer Experience Manager

Balance those accounts

Administrative Assistant

Develop amazing culture and spread the dream

Talent Officer / Specialist

Create and build the dreamiest products

Deliver world-class sourcing and distribution

Operations Director

Business Systems Analyst

General Manager

Operations Officer

Supply Chain Manager

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