At Moko everything starts and ends in people’s homes. We had dinner in people’s homes ( we were invited :)) and even set up cameras to allow us to see how people interact with their sofas and recognize their pain points so that we can create solutions to those problems. We tested our sofas still in people’s homes and what you see today is what people like you told us would make our sofas perfect for them and for you too!


Concept 1


Messy? No Problema!

This sofa has removable and washable covers making it easy to wash whenever they get dirty. The sofa is covered by a thin mattress on the arms, back and seat. They are attached to the sofa with velcro and a zip making it easy to remove but not too easy for the children! It comes in different colors. The price varies depending on the size and the material. For example the above 3 seater goes for Ksh 27,499. Click the button below to request for a quote for the specifications you would like.




The Sofa That Grows With You

This sofa allows you to change the configuration by moving the ottoman infornt of any piece or to the side to suit the users wishes. It can grow with you by adding unit pieces when the family grows and you can also change how the pieces are combined. Unit pieces can easily be detached from each other to change configuration or to making moving to a new house or redecorting easier. The ottoman provides storage by lifting the top. The price varies depending on size and fabric used. The above 4-seater goes for Ksh 30,400. Click the button below to request for a quotation for the specifications you would like.





The space on this sofa has been optimized such that it can accomodate as many people as possible. The chaise piece is designed to provide space for extra people to sit while being mindful of taking up too much of your living room space. The seats are large to give you extra comfort for lounging. The in-between table has two storage areas, when the tops are lifted, to store small items. It also has an electric plug to allow for felxible seating as you charge your phone or any other device. The back pillows can be removed and used as floor seating while allowing you to comfortably lean back on the fixed back of the sofa - it is a two-in-one sofa! Last but not least, the pieces can be detached giving you freedom to use them however you like! Price for this sofa varies depending on size and fabric. The above 6-seater goes for Ksh 50,999. Click the button below to request for a quotation for the specifications you would like.



the footstool

The footstool has pillows that are reomvable and can be used to sit on, on the floor. A table is revealed when you remove the pillows. The table can also be removed and used as a tray that you can set on the sofa and bring your tea closer or you can use it to serve breakfast in bed! The footstool also has storage that can be used as extra space for toys, books or other nick nacks. The price of the footstool varies depending on fabric. The above footstool goes for 5,799.