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What is #SleepLikeaBaby?

At Moko, we are cooking up the best recipes for sleep. We went out and sought dreamy babies who are professionals just like you but still manage to have the best sleep. For the next few weeks the babies will be spreading naps just like this:


Meet the babies:

Chef Baby

First, we enlisted a world renown chef who apart from running a successful career in the kitchen, also enjoys deep naps. Her mission? Cooking up the best recipes for sleep! She whipped up three incredible sleep kits to help you sleep like a baby. Chef Baby was also kind enough to let us on the secret ingredient (Whisper - It's the Moko Mattress) that she adds to each of these recipes to make them so effective.

The Kits by Chef Baby

Artist Baby

Our second professional baby is a talented artist who has a passion for painting dreamy worlds to reality. Artist Baby is on a colorful roll. She is making dreams come true left right and center and is giving Santa a run for his money. Do you want your wildest dream brought to life? Share it with Artist Baby using #MokoSleepLikeaBaby

Painting you a new dreamy world.


Here's a good old FAQ to make sure we are on the same page:

1How do I get my dreamy world painted?
When you share your best dream with Artist Baby
2How do I get my best dream?
When you sleep like a baby
3Where is the best place to sleep like a baby?
On a Moko mattress

Join in on the napping:

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