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Our Story


About Us

Moko is a young company bursting with innovation, creativity and passion. Our story began when we saw a need in the local furniture market - a need that no one else was meeting. People wanted high quality furnishings at affordable prices, so we stepped up and delivered.


Our Story

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Where does our story start? With you!

We visited people in their homes and talked to them. We got to know what people loved, and didn’t love, about their homes—and that’s exactly how we knew what needed fixing.



We teamed up with customers to solve the problems that were important to them.

We heard things such as “my mattress is saggy,” or “my sofa is uncomfortable and takes up too much space,” and we got right to work solving those issues!



Our challenge was to solve these problems

In a way that created warm, inviting, modern spaces to inspire a brighter lifestyle for your everyday home—the place you love most. And our innovative “dream team” did just that!



Our story starts and ends with people. Our customers are the heart of Moko, and always will be.

We continue to innovate, learn and evolve for the sake of making the lives of our customers better. Because they deserve it.


Our Values

Our values define and inspire us. They bring meaning to our customers and team, as well as fuel our passion and motivate us to do the best job we can each and every day.



We’ve got heart and we know it. We’re friendly and warm; we put smiles on everyone’s faces, from customers to our own employees.


We’re all about providing customers the modern style they crave without the hefty price-tag. We’re changing the furniture game by making an affordable contemporary lifestyle a reality.




The customer always comes first. Period. Our extensive research has allowed us to understand what customers need and how to best serve them. And as the customer needs change, so will we.


We’re the real deal. We won’t compromise our customers' best interests and we will never cut corners. What you see is what you get—honesty, integrity, and originality.