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Today we make mattresses and pillows that create a world of sweeter sleep. We are leading the way in sleep innovation and we would be thrilled and honored if you come along for the ride. Get ready to bring on the comfort, bring on the dreams and bring on the best sleep of your life!

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oh-so-comfy mattresses

Firm: we know you want your mattress to be supportive, so we used raw materials from Europe and designed it so that it has twice the density of normal HD mattresses. It doesn't get any firmer than this.

Durable: we want your dream-filled sleep to last as long as possible (hopefully you won't miss work). Our mattresses are the most long lasting in the market.

Heavy: try to lift it and see the quality of a Moko mattress for yourself. Go ahead and let us know.

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happy-sleeping pillows

We know akili ni mali so we work hard to make sure your head can rest comfortably at night. We use a long lasting and non-allergenic fibre that supports you well throughout the night. Also, the pillow bag can be used as a pillow case aaaand as a bag. Bonus! No worries, the treat is on us, happy sleeping!


COming Soon

Our work is never done and we work hard to bring you new innovations. We heard you are not happy with the comfort of your sofas, so we stepped up and got to work on fixing that. The Moko sofas are on their way, stay tuned!


HAssle-free sleep

We know you work very hard to achieve your dreams so we do our best to take the hassle out of your sleep. No more worrying about transporting your mattress home or how to replace your old mattress. Here is how it all works:


STEP 1 - HOME DELIVERY. You place an order with us over WhatsApp or Facebook and our team will deliver all the way to your bed.


STEP 2 - HAPPY SLEEPING You sleep on it and have the best sleep of your life. (This is the best step!)


STEP 3 - GUARANTEE If you're not happy with your mattress, you can use your 5 Year Guarantee. Terms and conditions apply, but don't worry, we will always do our best to make it right.



Thanks Moko for the swift delivery.. The delivery was on time... I’ll be ordering soon again... Now I can sleep in style 😂😂😂.
— JOY, donholm

I’d like to report that the Moko mattress is of high quality standard. I had a good-night sleep. Thank you for delivering your promise.