Our Values

Here at Moko, we INSPIRE…

Infinity: We’re on a quest, a “spaceship to infinity,” to make ourselves, and everything that we do, better.
No Nonsense: We know the only way to get better is to be honest with each other and ourselves. We value open, direct communication and transparency.
Supportive: You’ve heard there’s no “I” in team, right? We know that there is strength in unity so we stick together to achieve our goals.
Passion: Great achievements are always fueled by great passion. Our success is founded in the deep passion we have for accomplishing our goals.
Initiative: We take charge, and make things happen. We know how to get results. We don’t wait to be told; we do what we gotta do to get the results we need.
Real: We’re the real deal. Our customers are our #1 priority and we never do anything that isn’t in our customers’ best interests.
Enthusiasm: We love happy customers! It’s our mission to create a world of smiles—one sofa and mattress at a time.